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Annual 20-20 Wine Sale

Now thru Monday February 15th

20% off all* 750ml bottles of wine
*items already on sale are excluded


 Wine Samplings 3-6pm Every Friday

Join us as we have at least 2 wines paired with 2 cheeses to sample!   


kennett design owlWine Tasting and Painting with Kennett Design

Tuesday, February 16th, 6:30-8:30pm

$39 pp includes all supplies plus wine and beer samples.  

Seated is limited- click here for registrationw/Kennett Design.      


Beer Tastings...


What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday 2/10/16 From our friends at RAR Brewery, Cambridge, MD,

we’ll be serving up 2 new beers: 1st Meal and Northeast Nectar.

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February Brewery of the Month: Oskar Blues Brewery

Tastings, Features & more good stuff!

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 Tap Social: The Fordham & Dominion Brewery with the Boss Jim Lutz, et al

Thursday, February 11th, 4-6pm, $5

We’ll be featuring select Beers from Fordham & Dominion Breweries hosted by Jim Lutz, Joe Gilmore & their cast of characters.

Dominion Hop Lips IPA
Dominion Candi Tripel
Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager
Fordham Rosie Parks Oyster Stout
Fordham Not Your Daughter’s Thin Mint (Mint Choc Chip Stout)
Fordham Son of a Nutcracker

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 Beer Sampling: Chocolate Beers for Valentine’s Day

Friday February 12th thru Sunday February 14th


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Tap Social: Uinta Brewery

Thursday, February 18th, 4-6pm, $5

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Beer Sampling: Brooklyn Brewery Defender Series Kickoff

Friday, February 19th,  4-6pm

Black Chocolate Stout
Defender IPA
Insulated lager
Sorachi Ace
Wild Horse Porter
I Wanna Rye It!

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Tap Takeover: Colorado Dreamin’

Oskar Blues, Breckenridge, Great Divide, Left Hand….

these breweries are Smokin’…..

Saturday, February 20th, 7-9pm

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Spirits Tasting and Presentation:  Impex Beverages

with Founder, Ed Kohl & Jared Card, Mid-Atlantic Sales

Thursday, February 18th,  7-9pm  (Please note the change in date!)    $25pp

Ed and Jared have another shipment from Scotland, this one featuring new selections from The Chieftains and  the Kilchoman Distillery.

Seated Event- PrePaid Reservations Only- Click here for Details!

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Items of Note:

 Now that we’ve finished drinking our annual allotment of Champagne until December, perhaps it’s an ideal time to reflect on our drinking vessel of choice for the bubblier wines.

Farewell to Champagne flutes in 2016? – Decanter


Beer News...

The $5 Growler is back!

Check out the first 2 taps on the Growler Board…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, the $5 Growler (the 64oz size) fills are back! So as long as we can fill those taps with quality beer, we’re going to keep them flowing. Thanks for visiting!

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State Line Liquors Rated #3 Bottle Shop in the WORLD!

Max's Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Max’s Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Feb. 17, 2015 –By Steve Fogelman, City Paper. “Last month, just two establishments in Maryland were honored as “Top Places to Have a Beer in the World” by the crowd-sourced annual survey. Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore and State Line Liquors in Elkton made the cut, which makes sense, as both are hallowed Free State beer grounds for aficionados. I caught up with the owners of both businesses by phone while they were coincidentally on separate and simultaneous vacations in Florida earlier this month. The traits these businesses share, such as family and dedication to the craft scene, are the underpinnings of their success… READ the FULL ARTICLE at:

(Baltimore) City Paper, News, Arts, Culture, Events, Marketplace

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The $5 – 64oz Growler Fill is back! Check the Board for current selection(s).

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What is a “Tap Social?”

Well, a Tap Social is similar to a “Rep Tasting”… a casual get-together for sampling beers from a single brewery and are generally held on Friday afternoons from 4pm to 6pm.  Most of the time we charge a nominal fee to “participate” in this 2 hour social. For that fee, you usually get a free glass along with unlimited sampling! The beers are generously discounted and often the reps will have giveaways on top of it!

Check out our upcoming Tap Socials in the Event Schedule below or click for our complete schedule!

Liquor News...

New Arrivals

Well we have hit the trifecta!!!  These three barrels of whiskey are here; Glendalough Irish Triple Barrel, Crown Royal, Four Rose’s and Russell’s Reserve. 

Glendalough Triple Barrel Irish Whiskey $39.99 750ml We were able to buy a special barrel of new whiskey that our favorite Irish Craft distillery made available to us. Those who were at our tasting with Donal O’Gallachoir know the quality of the Double Barrel which is similar to this whiskey. The boys from Glendalough aged this whiskey for 42 months in American Bourbon barrels, 6 months in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks and then 6 more months in Madeira casks to create a complex flavor profile. Every Irish whiskey fan should try this as it offers incredible value in the Irish whiskey category.

Crown Royal Single Barrel  $54.99  750ml  This is a Coffey Rye Whiskey from a Coffey still that is among the finest components of Crown Royal and bottled at 103 proof to maintain its richness and body. This  is the finest expression of Crown Royal we have ever had in the store!!

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel  $49.99  750ml  This is a classic example of what Jim Russell wants in a whiskey bearing his name. The barrels have the deep alligator char Jim prefers  and they produce rich flavor and deep color.  The mashbill of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley adds a sweetness to the flavor that marries well with the char. It is bottled without chill filtering and  at 110 proof to maintain the intensity of flavour. Notes of toffee and vanilla mingle with burnt orange that carry to a big, round, soft finish.

Cocktail Recipe Website

Check out this website if you are looking for new and interesting cocktails to try, or to refresh your memory on how to make the standards.  It is easy to use, with searches by ingredient, top ingredients or by category.  It even includes drinking games, non-alcoholic drinks, hints and tips, and more.  The oldest site of its kind on the internet, Bar None Drinkshas been around since 1995!  Cheers to Bar None Drinks!!