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Wine Samplings every Friday, 3-6pm

Join us as we have 2 wines paired with 2 cheeses to samples

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Wine Tasting: Wines of Spain

$10 / Person – No Reservations Required

Friday, June 2nd 7-9pm

Tentative List:

  1. Naia Verdejo $14.99
  2. Bodegas Fefinanes Albarino $18.99
  3. Gregory Perez Brezo Godello y Dona Blanca $17.99
  4. La Zorra 2014 Teso Blanco $20.99
  5. La Zorra 2014 Rufete $20.99
  6. Envinate 2015 Albahra $19.99
  7. Raul Perez 2015 Ultreia St. Jacques $20.99
  8. La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi $21.99
  9. Faustino 1 Gran Reserva 2001 $34.99

Wine Tasting:  Roses, Part 2

Friday, June 23rd   7-9pm

Beer Tastings...

Brewery of the Month for May: Heavy Seas Brewing

Hugh & the Heavy Seas Story


Beer takes us on adventures. It allows us to discover new flavors and exotic cultures. Our quest for great beer can lead anywhere, from corner pubs to faraway breweries.

For Heavy Seas founder, Hugh Sisson, beer altered the trajectory of his life.

In 1980, intending to become a stage actor and director, Hugh’s plan was to move to NYC after completing his course work for a masters degree in theater. Hugh’s father, Albert, a Baltimore area businessman, persuaded him instead to come “help” at a newly opened family business, a tavern called Sisson’s. When Hugh showed up to start what he assumed would be a short-term position, his father tossed him the keys to the pub, said “OK, don’t f*** up!” and walked out the door. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story.


What a Beer Wednesday! 

Wednesday, May 24th, tappings at 4pm

Today we’ll be featuring 2 new England style IPA’s, both from Evil Twin: Charlie Work & I Speak the Language of  Television 

Tap Social: Union Craft Brewery Old Pro Golf Tour

“Old Pro Tour” will feature a 6+ hole putt-putt course and a putt-putt tournament!

Thursday, May 25th 4-7pm

Tiny Elvis
Balt the More
Old Pro Gose
Yonder Cities
You Say Charm…
Double Duckpin

Social: FoDo- Fordham Dominion

Friday, May 26th 4-7pm

Crash Zone
11th Sour
Lightweight Lager

Weekend Tap Sampling, Growler Specials: 

Saturday  and Sunday all day

Tap Social: Free Will Brewing

Thursday, June 1st  4-7pm 


Tap Social: Goose Island Brewery

Friday, June 2nd  4-7pm 

Tap Takeover: Happy 21st Birthday Victory Brewery with Bill Covaleski & Sami Myers

Benefitting 2 miles for 2 hearts

Thursday, June 15th  7-9:30pm 



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Liquor Tastings...

 Aperitif and Summer Cocktail Workshop with Jake Parrot, National Sales Manager, Haus Alpenz Portfolio

Friday, June 16th   7-9pm    $15 per person
We will explore some of the unique, historic and very well crafted offerings in this dynamic portfolio, including aromatized wines and interesting spirits, with a few specialty cocktails, led by Jake Parrot- one of the more gifted and knowledgeable professionals in the spirits industry.  Craft cocktail enthusiasts would not want to miss this!
Seated Event-  Please call 1-800-446-9463 for tickets!


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Items of Note:

This article by Megan Krigbaum, in Punch, leads us down her path of attempts to discover what basic expenses are figured into the price of a single bottle of wine.  She was inspired by that $3.50 bargain wine her mom was so excited to bring home.  It just doesn’t quite add up!  

How Do You Make a Wine That Costs $3.50?


Here’s a quick article by Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee, where he talks about two of our favorite California winemakers, Anne and Michael Dashe.

Dunne on Wine: Dashe Cellars


Read this article by Simon Woolf, Decanter, regarding sulfites in wines.  See some of the pros and cons- flavors, safety, allergies.  A little known fact- the vast majority of wines have very little sulfites!

Sulfites in Wine: Friend or Foe




Beer News...


The $5 Growler is back!

Check out the first 5 taps on the Growler Board…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, the $5 Growler (the 64oz size) fills are back! So as long as we can fill those taps with quality beer, we’re going to keep them flowing. Thanks for visiting!

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State Line Liquors Rated #3 Bottle Shop in the WORLD!

Max's Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Max’s Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Feb. 17, 2015 –By Steve Fogelman, City Paper. “Last month, just two establishments in Maryland were honored as “Top Places to Have a Beer in the World” by the crowd-sourced annual survey. Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore and State Line Liquors in Elkton made the cut, which makes sense, as both are hallowed Free State beer grounds for aficionados. I caught up with the owners of both businesses by phone while they were coincidentally on separate and simultaneous vacations in Florida earlier this month. The traits these businesses share, such as family and dedication to the craft scene, are the underpinnings of their success… READ the FULL ARTICLE at:

(Baltimore) City Paper, News, Arts, Culture, Events, Marketplace

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The $5 – 64oz Growler Fill is back! Check the Board for current selection(s).

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What is a “Tap Social?”

Well, a Tap Social is similar to a “Rep Tasting”… a casual get-together for sampling beers from a single brewery and are generally held on Friday afternoons from 5pm to 7pm.  Most of the time we charge a nominal fee to “participate” in this 2 hour social. For that fee, you usually get a free glass along with unlimited sampling! The beers are generously discounted and often the reps will have giveaways on top of it!

Check out our upcoming Tap Socials in the Event Schedule below or click for our complete schedule!

Liquor News...

New Arrivals/Features/Specials/Events


State Line’s Selected Single Barrels:

State Line’s Selected Single Barrels:

Blanton’s Bourbon State Line Barrel Selection  $59.99 750ml

We had the opportunity to purchase a barrel of Blanton’s from the historic Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky Blanton’s comes from Warehouse “H”  built just after prohibition with metal walls in order to speed completion of the project. Once in operation, Colonel Blanton felt Warehouse H aged bourbon better than any warehouse on the distillery grounds. The metal walls allowed the bourbon to expand deeper into the oak barrels during the hot summer days and contract during the cooler nights, which extracted more flavor from the wood. This bourbon is bottled at 93 proof and is an exceptionally smooth drink with citrus and vanilla aromas. The finish has rich notes of honey and caramel. 

Rhum Clement Cask Collection Vieux    $36.99  750ml

This rum hails from the French Caribbean island of Martinique in the Lesser Antilles. The French government oversees the production of Rhum Agricole which is produced from sugar cane juice that is pressed within three days of harvest in the dry season, This produces a dryer style rum with complex grassy and herbal flavors. This is a barrel we selected last winter that was bottled in July and it has just arrived!

Four Rose’s, State Line Barrel of OBSQ   $64.99

9 Year & 10 Month Old Barrel Strength Bourbon

This is first Four Rose’s barrel this year and it yielded 156 bottles for us and 111 for the Angels. The OBSQ mashbill consists of 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% malted barley and the yeast strain used creates a bourbon with floral, aromatic fruitiness. The high Rye content adds spice and intensity to the flavor and has been bottled undiluted at 55.8% alcohol. This bourbon really explodes with spicy flavor with the addition of a little water to open it up, without any dilution flavor or intensity!

Four Rose’s, State Line Barrel of OBSV   $64.99

9 Year & 5 Month Old Barrel Strength Bourbon

This is our third of three Four Rose’s barrels this year (2016) and it yielded 126 bottles for us and 141 for the Angels. The OBSV mash-bill consists of 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% malted barley. The yeast strain used creates a bourbon with light fruitiness, caramel, vanilla and a creamy texture. The high Rye content adds spice and intensity to the flavor. This has been bottled undiluted at 57.4% alcohol. Along with the OESK a virtual tie for our favorite barrel or the year!

Crown Royal Single Barrel  $54.99  750ml  

This is a Coffey Rye Whiskey from a Coffey still that is among the finest components of Crown Royal and bottled at 103 proof to maintain its richness and body. This is the finest expression of Crown Royal we have ever had in the store!!

Two Barrels From FEW Distillery!

FEW Distillery is based in Evanston, IL, a suburb of Chicago that was once an international headquarters for the temperance movement headed by Francis Elizabeth Willard (FEW).
FEW Spirits is a craft distillery making whiskies and gins from locally grown grains and other ingredients sourced as close to home as possible, including Cascade hops grown in master distiller and owner Paul Hletko’s own backyard.
FEW Rye Whiskey was named Whisky Advocates Craft Whiskey of the Year in 2013 and its Bourbon Whiskey and Barrel Gin were both awarded gold medals by Beverage Testing Institute.

Bourbon Whiskey 60.05 %ABV Batch 15-56   $66.99

Spicy, nutty nose, soft caramel and toffee.  Bright butterscotch, toasty cinnamon, faint bittersweet chocolate, and a lingering, sweetish finish.

Rye Whiskey 60%ABV Batch 15-56   $79.99

Distinctive spicy rye presence on the nose, citrus peel, piney oak, which carry through with significant depth mid palate.  Lingering spicy sweet finish.




New Arrivals:

Check out the new Soju & Shochu selections!

Melvale Straight Maryland Style Rye  $29.99

Lord Lieutenant Kinahan’s 10 year old Irish Malt  $64.99

Amrut & Paul John Indian Malt Whiskys are in stock!

Lagavulin 8 year old Limited Edition  $69.99

Aalborg Taffel Aquavit  $21.99

Linie Aquavit  $29.99

Panama-Pacific 9 year old Rum  $34.99

Panama-Pacific 23 year old Rum  $64.99

Lemon Hart Overproof Rum  $30.99